Reintroducing the BD Gun

High Pressure, Plural Component, Direct Impingement, Mechanical Purge

Back in production due to industry demand.

The BD Gun is used when controllable high output is desired.

BD Spray GunApplications:

  • Foam insulation and roofing
  • Scenic Theming
  • Truck bed liners
  • EPS Hard Coating
  • Water vessel coatings
  • Pipe/Tank/Refinery
  • Shipboard/Offshore
  • Secondary containment

Precisely spray apply 1 to 40 lbs./min. of polyurea coatings, urethanes, and spray foams.

Simple to operate, easy to maintain and clean.

Low parts count, inexpensive to service.

Small, lightweight.

Includes 24” extremely flexible whip hoses for superior maneuverability.

Available Now. Learn more at the BD Gun product page.